What is BTC Recover?

BTC Recover is an Open Source wallet password & seed recovery tool

It is designed for people who have forgotten a part of the password or seed phrase but need assistance in trying different combinations.

What kinds of Wallets can BTC Recover work on?


Bitcoin Cash









*If you want the tool to support a crypto that isn’t listed above, please test that it works and
submit a PR which includes a unit test for that coin and also any required code to accept the address format.

We provide our readers with a deeper look into the world of crypto-users who have lost access to their crypto wallets and those whose crypto deposits have suspiciously vanished. We aim to ensure that all crypto enthusiasts worldwide know how, where, and when these situations are happening with in-depth analysis. Our goal is to help cryptocurrency holders to be always on the lookout while transacting their digital assets.

The BTCrecover.cloud website keeps track of the number of lost crypto coins globally in real-time. Our innovative and precise statistics collection methods will ensure readers know when the crypto market loses a single coin as it happens. The team behind our platform will work round the clock to ensure you know where crypto gets lost in every corner of the world.

We understand how complex the universe of crypto security can be; therefore, we have specialized our efforts to help our readers navigate the cryptocurrency multiverse. The BTCrecover website will give readers past, current, and future insights into cryptocurrency security features in a way that anyone can comprehend. We value every crypto deposit regardless of the quantity, so security is imperative to us, just as it is to the wallets’ owners.